Event: The Greene Mile

The beer mile is the ultimate feat of athleticism and drinking prowess.
It takes a certain type of person to run AND down a beer first!
The rare breed of person who is as skilled at running as well as chugging a beer and keeping said beer down.

  • You can do it solo.
    1 beer + 1/4 of a mile. REPEAT 4 TIMES. You are a ROCKSTAR!
  • Relay.
    You and your buddies form a team. 2-person team or 4-person team. 
    Same pattern but you get to divide the laps and the beers in order to conquer the beer mile!

In this event, you may not run the fastest but if you can drink your beer like a champ then victory could be yours!


Beer Mile Runner 
4 laps. 4 beers. Beer. Lap. Beer Lap. Beer. Lap. Beer. Lap. FINISH!
An anniversary shirt, 4 beers and ultimate bragging rights.

Beer Mile Two Person Relay 
Person 1: 1 beer. lap. 2 beer. lap TRADE OFF person 2: 1 beer. lap. 2 beer. lap.
Both get a shirt. Both get 2 beers. Both get to admit you are badasses.
*You register and pay for your team, your relay partner joines your team.

Beer Mile Four Person Relay 
Person 1: 1 beer. lap. TRADE OFF person 2: 1 beer lap. TRADE OFF person 3: 1 beer. 1 lap. TRADE OFF person 4. 1 beer. 1 lap.
ALL get a shirt. ALL get 1 beer. All get to go for the glory.
*You register and pay for your team, they join your team.

If you have any questions about this race, please contact the race director at

Location: Downtown Pub
Date: August 20, 2022
From: 11:00AM
Till: 03:00PM
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